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About OSP

About Us

Ostim Investment & Business Inc. founded in 1998 in Ostim Organized Industrial Area is a company with about 2000 partners, which shares are traded on Istanbul Stock Exchange, Second National Market since June 2013.


Ostim Investment & Business Inc. is a company highly recognized for its experience and efficient, high quality and reliable service in replacement spare parts sector supplied under the brand name of OSP (Ostim Spare Parts).


OSP is a top quality brand name in the supply of replacement spare parts available for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and etc. on the worldwide market. We are producing almost any replacement parts for earthmoving machines that are as qualified as the genius parts including warranty and providing them directly “from producer to customer”.


OSP with its trained and experienced staff offers innovative solutions to its customers providing wide product portfolio of 14.000 different items. Each step taken in production such as: production planning, quality control, packaging, logistic operations and export processes are followed up form one single center, located in OSTIM-Ankara. 

We supply production to more than 50 countries and have %100 export sales, that makes us one of the leaders in the business of replacement spare parts.

The highest quality available is reached due to ongoing cooperation with leading companies in both national and international markets. OSP is able to offer same premium services to its customers with the aim to respond to their needs in the fasted way possible. 

We are also able to produce any special parts depending on the technical data and technical drawings. OSP with its professional staff and quality control department may offer the best parts at lowest price.